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Monday, June 22, 2009

AnalyticBrain moving to AnalyticBridge

This is our new recruiter email alert from the new AnalyticBrain website. The new AnalyticBrain web site is now part of AnalyticBridge. We invite you to check the new website, where you can post comments and discuss HR issues pertaining to recruiting analytic people in remote locations, dealing with consultants, KPI's to measure the quality of a job board, social network recruiting, legal issues, career opportunities for fresh graduates or undergraduate candidates, job search tricks, and many other topics.

As we transition to our new website, I would like to offer to all recruiters a great opportunity: two postings on AnalyticBridge or one on AnalyticBridge and one on DataShaping, where our fee is waived. To benefit from this offer, you must bring two new analytic members to AnalyticBridge. Also, your job ad(s) must have a corporate recruiter email address or URL where applicants can send their resume. Hotmail, gmail, yahoo and other free email addresses are not accepted. This offer is valid until 6/30, and represents up to a $200 saving.

Recruiters interested in reaching our niche network of talented candidates and benefit from the protection offered to candidates should check our offerings at AnalyticBrain.com: candidates are guaranteed that our paid ads are genuine and coming from real hiring managers, recruiters or agencies, and that they are relevant to their field (no sales insurance job) and not fraudulent.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

DataShaping Update for Analytic Recruiters and Hiring Managers

  • Vincent's 3,000 connections on LinkedIn are now visible. Visit Vincent's profile, as this opportunity will be available for just a few days. I accept new invites from subscribers of this mailing list until next Friday. My email address is vincentg@datashaping.com.
  • Post consulting gigs on AnlyticBridge. There is no fee to post short-term (up to 6 months) consulting opportunities.
  • Join our open network on AnalyticBridge. For analytics professionals only, including recruiters.
  • Get a featured posting on our LinkedIn group (5,800 members) whenever you purchase a $250 (or more) job ad / resume package on our e-store.


Vincent Granville, Ph.D.
Analytics Consultant

Sunday, March 1, 2009

DataShaping / AnalyticBridge Update For Recruiters

DataShaping / AnalyticBridge Update For Recruiters

We have added 75 new resumes over the weekend. Contact information is available to paid clients. Check out the anonymized resumes at www.AnalyticResumes.com. Many new job ads have been posted as well.

Starting in March 2009, we offer a featured listing (job ad) on our LinkedIn group (4,800 members, one of the largest analytic groups on LinkedIn) to all clients with a $250 purchase (minimum).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

DataShaping Recruiter Update

  • New offering for recruiters: post a job ad in our AnalyticBridge newsletter and get one free job ad on AnalyticBridge, a $100 value. Only 4 slots available each month. Reserve one of these slots today to reach 3400 members on AnalyticBridge and 4500+ members on all our LinkedIn groups.

  • To grow your network, we encourage you to join LinkedIn and become a member of our DataShaping LinkedIn group. You can grow faster by inviting highly respected analytic experts listed in our AnalyticBridge open network group -- the only open network for analytic people (requires free membership on AnalyticBridge if you want to be added to the list). Also, by joining our AnalyticBridge open network group, you will receive invitations from other analytic experts, hiring managers and fellow recruiters.

  • We have received a large number of resumes in December. We are still in the process of reviewing the resumes. Candidates that do not have freshly used hard technical skills (SAS, SAP, Splus, Java, Cognos, SQL Server, etc.) are filtered out, unless they are proven senior analytic managers or executives. The acceptance rate in our resume database (or to become DataShaping Certified) is a little below 50%. So we do a pre-screening for you.
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

DataShaping New Offerings For Recruiters

DataShaping New Offerings For Recruiters

We have revamped our e-store. We are now offering several different packages, starting at $100. New clients are invited to reserve slots for our 60-day Job Ad, Entire Network, Resume Access at the current Best Deal rate of $250. After November 30th, our best deal will be reserved exclusively to past clients and Ad agencies. Slots purchased now can be used within the next 12 months.
For additional information (clients, testimonials), visit our website.

DataShaping Survey

In order to better serve our clients, we would like to get your feedback. We invite you to participate in the survey below, and send your feedback to vincentg@datashaping.com.
  • Do you post analytic job ads on other job boards? Which job boards?
  • Do you work with Ad agencies? Which ones?
  • What are are the advantages of DataShaping/Analyticbridge, over the competition?
  • What are are the disadvantages of DataShaping/Analyticbridge, over the competition?
  • Would you consider allocating DataShaping/Analyticbridge in your yearly budget?
    If not, what would make you change your mind?
  • What is your budget for 2009, for job postings?
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

DataShaping Update for Recruiters

DataShaping - Update for Recruiters
  • We will send our monthly job email alert to 9,000 subscribers on 10/26. Job ads posted before 10/25 will immediately benefit from our email blast.
  • More than 400 resumes can be viewed on www.AnalyticResumes.com. Contact information is offered to our clients exclusively.
  • AnalyticBridge is now offering Banner Ads. For details on pricing, targeting and availability, check our e-store. We currently have 2 spots available, and we offer a 20% commission for referrals. Contact us for details.
  • Are you unsatisfied with your current vendors? Too expensive? Too few leads? Poor quality? It is time to sign up with DataShaping and enjoy our many benefits at competitive prices. Click here for details.
  • Our LinkedIn group (3,000 members) always show up at the top when you search LinkedIn groups using popular keywords such as Quant, SAS, Biostatistics, Econometrics, Data Mining, etc. AnalyticBridge, our social network, will soon reach 3,000 members. You can reach all these professionals (and more) with our
    featured job ads.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Recruiter Update - August 2008

Recruiter Update - August 2008

  • Our social network, AnalyticBridge, has experienced substantial growth over the last two months. With more than 2,300 members and 4,200 subscribers, it is the largest analytic social network. Featured job ads appear on every single page on AnalyticBridge (30,000 monthly page views, passive candidates), as well
    as on DataShaping (25,000 monthly page views, active candidates) and other properties. We also have partnerships with Google, Yahoo, Indeed, SimplyHired, Juju, TopJobsUSA and FaceBook.
  • We have launched a banner ad program on AnalyticBridge. Check out our e-store for details on how to participate. Our pricing is currently very competitive.
  • Job ads on our network are posted for 60 days, making it the most cost-effective advertising strategy for analytic recruiters and hiring managers.
  • With 29 new resumes freshly added, we have now more than 400 active analytic resumes in our database.
    To search our resume database, click here.
    New resumes:

    • Research Analyst/ Statistician (Ontario, Canada)
    • Sr. Supply Chain Analyst (Mesa, AZ)
    • University Professor (Monterrey, Mexico)
    • Sr. Analytical Content Manager (Bangalore, India)
    • M.S. Computer Science 2008 (Harrison, NJ)
    • Quantitative Finance and Economics / SAS Programmer (Frederick, MD)
    • Database Marketing Analyst, 5 y.exp., PhD (Leuven, Belgium)
    • Business Analyst, ETL, DW, SAS Enterprise Miner, 15 y.exp. (Jackson, MI)
    • Research Scientist, 20 y.exp. (Baltimore, MD)
    • Master in Economics, Stata, 2008 (New York, NY)
    • Scientist, Econometrics, Medical Research, 10 y.exp., PhD (US)
    • Manager of Analytics, 10 y.exp. (San Jose, CA)
    • St Pricing Analyst (Leeds, UK)
    • Sr. Computational Chemist / Data Miner, PhD (Titusville, NJ)
    • Director Analytics in DM, 6 y.exp., 3 y. Pharma Consulting (Nashua, NH)
    • R&D Image Processing, PhD, 6 y.exp. (Paris, France)
    • Director, Cluster & Parallel Storage Technology (Newark, CA)
    • BI Manager with engineering/ math background (Elmont, NY)
    • Sr Web and Marketing Analyst, MBA (Portage, MI)
    • Clinical SAS Programmer (Montreal, Canada)
    • SAS Certified, Health Data Analyst (Columbia, MD)
    • Neural Network & Predictive Modeling, 20 y.exp. (Loveland, CO)
    • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Sr Consultant (Carrollton, TX)
    • Sr Consultant, Planning & Revenue Management (Cheyenne, WY)
    • M.S. Computer science, Data Mining, 2008 (Gainesville, FL)
    • Master in Computer Sciences 2008 (Detroit, MI)
    • Technical Leader Biomathematician, Data Mining (Lyon, France)
    • Sr. Director of Engineering (Saratoga, CA)
    • VP/Director, Market research and business analytics (Alpharetta, GA)

  • Now is a good time to post job ads: our monthly job email alert will be sent next Sunday to 8,000 subscribers,
    and we expect more competition from recruiting companies in September.
  • We offer a 20% commission for referrals. Contact us for details.

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